Pesto Festo 2022

We have been working diligently to make sure this Pesto Festo is a bang of a good time!

When: Sat, Sep 17, 2022, 5:00 PM EDT

Where: Mabry-Hazen House, 1711 Dandridge Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37915

Visit Mabry-Hazen House on Instagram @mabryhazenhouse or their Website!

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This year’s glorious three course meal will be carefully crafted and curated by the celebrated Chef Robert McDonald of our beloved @bistro_bythetracks! give them a visit

A Pesto Contest with prizes is open to the guests to both enter AND judge, a silent auction with incredible items from all throughout East TN. Live music, lawn games, all the foodies around and an overall really stellar time!

This is a no waste event! In support of all that Slow Food stands for we ask that you bring your place settings. This includes plate, silverware, napkin and any drinking ware. In addition to BYOS (setting) this event is also BYOB! We have wonderful local breweries that may surprise us but please feel free to bring your preference or a delicious bottle of wine.

Want to purchase a discounted $50 ticket and become a part of the Slow Food community? Join us today and sign up to be a member for your ticket discount code! Feel free to email us at for more info.

Pesto Contest

Two Categories
1) Traditional Pesto – Basile has to be the main ingredient.
2) Creative Pesto – Anything goes.

Two awards will be given and chosen by the guest judges
Best Traditional Pesto
Best Creative Pesto

One award will be chosen by the votes of all the attendees
People’s Choice

General rules

  1. Entries are limited to one pesto per category per person (in other words, two pestos total)
  2. Please bring at least one pint of pesto so that everyone can get a taste (remember, you’re entering for peoples choice as well)
  3. If you would, please write out a notecard with your pesto’s ingredients in advance and bring it with you. This will facilitate speedy check-in.
  4. Pesto contest entries will be accepted at the welcome desk at 4:30 pm and are due at 5:30 pm SHARP!!

The earlier you can get them in, the better. Guests are always anxious for the pesto contest to begin, so the sooner we can get things rolling, the better.

Our guest judges will start tasting as soon as they get in and it will be open to public around 6:30 pm for guests

Hope this will give you ideas!
Good luck cooking!