Zero Waste Events Guide

SFTNV strives for zero waste events. Most of our events, like potlucks and Pesto Festo, we ask you to bring your own place settings that are reusable.

Here are our suggestions what to bring for your place setting.

You want to put as many deliciousness on a plate, so you should bring a big one!  Or if you don’t want the food to touch,  bring several plates.

A Cup, mug or bowl
Depending on the season and events,  we may have hot drinks or soups. A mug could work for both hot drinks and soups.

Glasses or equivalent containers
For water or cold drinks. If you bring your own drinks, you may want to bring appropriate glasses.

Fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, etc
Because you don’t want to eat with your hands!

Cloth Napkin
If you bring paper one,  take it home with you to trash. No wastes at the event!

Sometimes we have enough that you can take some food home (no wasting of food!)

For Pesto Festo, some people go all the way out and bring whole dining sets!
In addition to nicer set ups above, people may bring

– place mat
– wine glass
– beer glass
– cloth napkin with napkin ring
– ice cooler for BYOB drinks

We can’t guarantee to have washing station to clean your dishes,  so please think of bringing a bag to put dirty dishes home. 

We often provide the food waste bin, but let’s practice serving what you can finish eating and not create food waste.